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Move my things (€47.00)

Sacramento, California, Stati Uniti - I am moving into a new apartment in midtown. i will move my things from a one bedroom apartment in sandy springs to midtown. i am capable of helping with the move as well. i am looking for one strong individual to help with this task for 3 hours. it includes loading the truck from my apartment and unloading into the new one. i have rented a uhaul for this time and i will be the one driving. no packing required. you will have no expenses. the furniture & other items that you will help me move include: 1 mattress (king size) with 2 box springs (twin size) 1 convertible couch 2 patio tables 10 medium and 10 small size boxes 4 large suitcases 2 small carry-ons 1 32” tv with wheels 4 chairs the apartment i am moving out of and the one i am moving into have freight elevators and there are no stairs involved. thank you so much for taking the time to consider my task!

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Pickup & cleaning (€90.00)

Los Angeles, California 90001, Stati Uniti - Hello, i need someone to prepare my apartment for an airbnb renter. i've listed out specific tasks that need to be done, but basically your job is to ensure that the apartment is in 100% condition before the renter arrives. your work will be inspected prior to payment being approved. i will tip at least 15% for a job well done and will ask you to repeat the work if it is not completed satisfactorily. thank you. shopping: 1. purchase new duvet cover from macy's/bed,bath&beyond or similar (budget: $60) 2. purchase 3 artistic wall posters (total budget: $60) 3. purchase double-sided tape for poster hanging maintenance: 1. cover holes/cracks in bedroom door with posters (both front & back) 2. place third poster somewhere else if needed 3. general maintenance where needed -- inform me if there is anything major 4. ensure the ac is installed into the bedroom window and working properly cleaning: 1. pickup apartment keys from next door dry cleaners (not open on sunday) 2. enter apartment and take pictures of current state (multiple pics of each room) 3. e-mail pics to me, address to be supplied 4. take out trash and empty foodstuffs from fridge 5. clean dishes and cups in sink 6. wash and dry all sheets, towels, and comforter at laundromat on corner of 1st ave, below 9th street 7. back in apartment, pull out sofa and bookshelf and vacuum behind both 8. vacuum all other areas of apartment 9. roll up carpet and vacuum underneath 10. wipe down all surfaces (including countertops, fridge bookshelves, and tv) 11. clean bathroom with spray cleaner. ensure toilet, sink, and shower are clean. 12. clean shower curtain. purchase and install replacement if necessary. 13. ensure couch cover is clean and adjusted properly (ie. no wrinkles) 14. dispose of all bills, letters, magazines, etc. in the apartment 15. make bed with clean sheets 16. install duvet cover over comforter and place on bed 17. ensure there are no stains, discolouration, or hairs on bed 18. fold towels 19. call friend, contact # to be supplied 20. wait for friend to arrive to apartment to inspect

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